• ResistorAssemblies


    Washers can be stacked together, forming a large resistor assembly to dissipate large amounts of energy. Read More
  • ResistorTubes


    Resistor Tubes are available in a wide assortment of diameters and lengths to meet your application needs. Standard applications include high power loads, snubber circuit RF power amplifiers, and impulse voltage generators. Read More
  • Discs &Washers

    Discs &

    Resistor Discs and Washers are available in a wide variety of diameters to meet your application needs. Read More
  • Axial-LeadedResistors


    Axial Leaded Resistors provide unique solutions in applications where carbon composition traditionally have been used. Read More
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U.S. Resistor manufactures Non-inductive, Special Purpose, and Industrial Resistors that have found uses in many applications, including high power and high energy surge applications, such as Energy Transmission and Distribution systems to Wind Power systems.  Larger Ceramic Resistors offer excellent protection in any electrical apparatus where electrical spikes of high energy are unwanted, such as circuit breakers, surge protection, or load banks.

These Resistors can be manufactured in a variety of sizes and shapes including rods, discs, sleeves, and rings, depending on the application and needs of the customer.  U.S. Resistors is able to produce both large and small lot quantities based on the need of each application.  Electrical contact is established by means of depositing various metals such as brass, aluminum, or copper, on the resistors, molded on contacts, capped leads, or secured metal caps.



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