Special purpose and industrial resistors cover a wide range of applications, including high-voltage and high energy surges. Large ceramic resistors are the perfect answer for use in circuit breakers. Resistors inserted at high-voltage load points, such as spark plugs, distributor points, or coil leads, will limit spurious high frequency signals from being emitted or carried on transmission lines.

  • Rods may be used in large high-impulse power circuit breaker resistors, small RFI suppression resistors, and general purpose resistors.
  • Rings become part of lightning arrestors, small heaters, automotive horn button resistors, thermostat controls, and other resistors where center mounting is required.
  • Discs are used where solid rings are required.
  • Sleeves are for applications such as RF coaxial terminating resistors, low temperature heaters, and high power carrying resistors where large surface-to-volume ratios are needed.


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