Organic resistors are manufactured from a resin-bonded body of ceramic material, with conductive particles distributed throughout the matrix, to produce a resistor that is 100% active and non-inductive.  The organic bonded resistors offer a wider resistance range for those applications where only medium steady state heat dissipation is required, or where high energy pulses are of relatively short duration, as in automotive noise suppression or lightning arrestors.  Electrical characteristics are as follows:

Resistivity Range

0.04 to 800,000,000 Ohm-in

0.1 to 2,000,000,000 Ohm-cm

Maximum Steady State Power Density 10 watts/in³
0.60 watts/cm³
Maximum Transient Energy Density

100 joules/in³
6 joules/cm³

Maximum Voltage Gradient

8 kV/in
3 kV/cm

Maximum Operating Temperature
120° C
Voltage Coefficient
- 5% to -12% /volt
Temperature Coefficient
0 to - 0.25%/°C
Heat Dissipation
2.86 watts/in²

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