1. Submit a sketch or drawing of the part with space limitations.
  2. Describe the function of the part, with resistance required (ohms) and mechanical tolerances.
  3. Physical size, OD, ID, and length with tolerances.
  4. List system Voltage, Wattage, and Current.
  5. Contacts; Metal Spray of Brass, Copper, Monel, or attached leads.
  6. Lead length and diameter.
  7. Operating temperature and maximum temperature:  in air, oil, or other?
  8. Is application steady state or pulse?  If pulse, list duty cycle, peak voltage, and peak current.
  9. Provide sample of resistor now being used, if any.
  10. Describe other engineering parameters, such as continuous or intermittent power level operating temperature requirements, applied voltages, or other ambient conditions.

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